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BDS40 Powered by FireAde

Blaze Defense Systems exclusively offers the BDS40 fire suppression agent, powered by FireAde  technology.  Available in tactical aerosols, refillable devices and compressed air foam systems (CAFS).  BDS40 FireAde will withstand temperatures as low as -40F and is eco-friendly, non toxic and meets all the new guidelines for wetting agents and foams.  Suitable for fuels, tires, metals, and cooling super-heated surfaces. Compact versions are ideal for field force use for molotov protection, etc.

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BDS QR Conversion Kits

The BDS QR Conversion Kit is undeniably the easiest way to ditch the velcro flaps on your tactical vests.  Well over 1000 kits sold in under just a few months.  100% satisfaction and positive feedback from our end users.  Available in polymer dual cobras, dual metal cobras and also available in First Spear tube technology version as well.  Great for tactical police teams.  The buckles offer no ballistic protection.  

We are looking for reseller opportunities for those that market to first responders and military for the BDS Quick Release Conversion Kits and BDS40 FireAde kits.  Contact us at

BDS FRK Trauma Kit, FRK Trauma Kit, BDS FRK Kit, First Responder Kit, Blaze Defense Systems

BDS FRK Trauma Kits

Thinking outside the box with trauma kits in a variety of ways, Blaze Defense Systems incorporates unique technology into their trauma kits such as mini fire suppression tools as well as magnetic retention systems for mounting applications.

Blaze Defense Systems Fire Suppression Kits

This video shows how Blaze Defense Systems specializes in unique flammable threat solutions for first responders.  Unique suppression, heat absorption, and instant cooling of surfaces are just a few things that these products bring to the table.

BDS QR Conversion Kit

Demonstration of the ease of use of the BDS QR Conversion Kit.  This video shows a quick installation and use of the product.