Entry Access

BreachPen provides Emergency Metal Cutting Capabilities as an exothermic breach tool.

Support Tool

Perfect Support Tool for Mechanical Breach Operations

Compact Design

Compact Design Allows Multiple Pen Storage on Kit

How To Use


Strike the match on the strike strip on the pen surface.


Once the match is lit, touch the match to the purple tip of the pen itself and hold until ignition begins.


Once the the pen is burning, place the pen onto the surface and cut.

How to order

BreachPen $55.00

Ready to purchase the BreachPen?  Sold in boxes of 10 and cases of 50.  You'll receive an instruction manual, instructional video, lessons learned and much more with the purchase.

Don't Forget Fire Suppression Gear

Compact fire suppression technology is a MUST HAVE if using the BreachPen for secondary fires.  We've found that the BDS40 fire suppression agent has worked best for this application.  Choose from MK4, MK9, and MK20 models.  Withstand temps as low as -40F and is non-toxic.